Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Enterprise Problems solved by a Modern Workplace - Scaling Training

Enterprise Problems solved by a Modern Workplace - Scaling Training


Every organization is unique—even if we’re in the same industry. We’re in different communities. We’re made up of different people. We have different priorities.
That said, the realities of modern business have introduced a new set of challenges that are often shared across companies and industries. Disruption is a constant. Agility is a requirement. Our employees’ ability to make the right decisions and constantly develop is a considerable differentiator.
As companies grow and roles become more complex, how do we enable our people to be the differentiators we need without radically increasing our training budgets? The answer: adaptive learning. In fact, an adaptive learning strategy can help you overcome 4 of the biggest challenges of the modern workplace.


Scaling your training

The perfect training strategy would be to provide every employee with a mentor who can personally help them with their development. But you can’t do that in an organization with 30,000 employees and only 30 people in the learning and development department. 


Adaptive learning helps you maximize your limited training resources by taking advantage of the immense data resources within your company. By pulling together data on what people know, what they’re doing on the job and what they are (or are not) achieving, adaptive learning technology can trigger the right training experiences and resources for every employee. Think of it like a personal digital mentor—at the scale of a global organization.

As with many modern workplace learning topics, a big part of the challenge is the fundamental definition. What is adaptive learning and, subsequently, what practices are required to bring it to life? When people start creating awkward and granular definitions to suit their specific application or product, the level of difficulty for general application rises. Therefore, rather than get bogged down with specific use cases or awkward analogies, I suggest we focus on the employee—the person we’re trying to help as we seek to solve business problems. With this mindset, adaptive learning is:
The purposeful use of data, technology, and content to provide the right support at the right time and help an individual employee improve his/her workplace performance.
You can do this! You can apply this definition to improve the learning experience and ultimate performance for your employees. But first you need to shift how you think about data, technology, and content in the context of workplace learning.
Microsoft Azure makes all training content/courses local anywhere in the world. 
There are many resources in the Microsoft Modern Workplace to be incorporated in your own scalable training system including resources on training for Microsoft Office 365 and more.


The Modern Workplace supports global organizational needs for a scalable system of learning and the current trend to adaptive learning fits perfectly.  The future articles in this series will expand on other complementary capabilities of the Modern Workplace.

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