Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Enterprise Problems solved by a Modern Workplace

Enterprise Problems solved by a Modern Workplace - Document Management


This post will show an example problem in the Pre-Modern Workplace in Document Creation and Collaboration that is improved by the Modern Workplace.


I remember a college class when the teacher had all the students in the class stand in a circle.  The teacher then told one student a message and asked the student to tell each of the students next to them the same story.  Each student then retold the story until the stories met on the opposite side of the circle and then had the last two students retell the story outloud.  The two stories never matched, even when repeating the exercise with everyone knowing what happened the first time.

Consider the following business Scenario, these five team members must produce a document and each has their part to add and were tasked to edit and proof the document along the way.
Sequential Collaboration

In the pre-modern workplace this process might have been on email or a file server. In any case the edits done by Sally or Bill or Amy might never have been seen by Tom or anyone else.  This can lead to errors and delays.

This also carries risk because individuals can make changes in good faith but without full context and those changes might have unintended consequences.

A good example from my past was a press release I made in the USAF and the caption of a photo I wrote said, "The REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT warning flag is typically attached to the Pitot tube as shown"

  I was required to get the Press Release cleared by the Public Relations Office.  They corrected my sentence as follows, "The REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT warning flag is typically attached to the Pilot tube as shown."  They changed "Pitot" to "Pilot" because they did not know that it actually was the Pitot tube which measures the airspeed of an airplane....Editing without context or specific knowledge can be very detrimental.


Now consider the Modern Workplace where the platform such as Microsoft Office 365 will allow creation and editing of a document stored in OneDrive (cloud) and even allows multiple people to view the document and make edits simultaneously.

The Modern Workplace Collaboration

Now each has access to the current working version all the time.  Edits can be seen and notices sent to all participants all the time.  No missed edits due to sequential processing, no unintended consequences and multiple people constantly proofreading the document will ensure the context is understood.


It should be clear in this example that the Modern Workplace can add significant value through improved document management, collaboration, accuracy, productivity and risk mitigation.

Future posts in this series will address other problems that are benefits to your organization.

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